It’s been one the hottest and rainiest Junes I can ever remember, and so far, July is following the same pattern as June.  Between daily high temps, high humidity, and rain, I feel like I live in Florida.  Some days the humidity is as high as the temperature and being outside is unbearable unless you’re in a pool.

But . . . the flowers, vegetables, trees, and weeds seem to love it and everything is growing like crazy.  I was out at 6:30 this morning trying to get in a couple hours of weeding before the heat became unbearable.  Everything was beautiful and covered with droplets of rain from last evening’s storms.


The netting on the tomato bed was a thing of beauty.


The kale has been enjoyed by bugs.  I always intend to eat it, but I like looking at it better, so I leave it for them to feast on.


The cilantro, which has gone to flower, bows her head from the weight of the rain.


Alchemilla, which always collects water droplets, is looking especially bejeweled and exquisite this morning.


By 8:30, I too was dripping, and as wet and drenched as the plants.  It was so steamy, my glasses fogged up and I couldn’t even see.  That’s when I decided to call it quits for the day and retreat indoors to a shower and air conditioning.



6 thoughts on “rain

    1. Thank you Ali! You have to look for the bright side when it rains practically an inch a day and everything is sopping wet. The good part is, I never have to water and that saves money. It could be worse . . . this hot and no rain at all, but not today, not now . . . it’s thundering and threatening . . . again.


  1. Rain -I remember that. Lovely images. Before I had my cataract operations I used to get steamed up glasses if we went walking and it rained, one reason I opted for perfect long distance vision when I had the operation – no more fogged up glasses.

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      1. No just because it was a mixture of glass, moisture (rain) heat and probably a hood creating perfect sauna like conditions for my glasses.

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