This is the beautiful pot of pink petunias that I bought in lush fullness in mid May, but they quickly went downhill.  I took the plunge a few weeks back and cut the whole pot back to the lip of the pot, knowing they would revive themselves with time.


Personally, I’ve cut myself back in a sort of way, and waiting for revival to come.  I have a daytime sleeping disorder that makes it difficult to stay awake and I have a constant battle with tiredness.  Somewhere along the way, I discovered that Excedrin, for me, is a miracle drug that not only deals with migraine headaches, but is full of caffeine and wakes me up.  I don’t like coffee or tea in any form, and prefer my caffeine in the form of Excedrin or a caffeine pill.  But . . . I have become addicted to them.  It is hard to resist a simple over-the-counter pill that not only keeps me awake, but makes me feel like a normal person while also making me feel happy, driven, and full of energy.


The downside of any drug is that if taken long enough, it doesn’t work as well, and then requires more to have the same effect.  The downside for me if not taking caffeine in the form of a pill, is not only that I’m really tired all the time, but it has left me depressed.

I didn’t intend to go “caffeine free” this past week, but it just kind of happened and it has been like traveling through a dark tunnel.  I feel like the pot of pink petunias that were cut back to the rim, looking more dead than alive.

But . . . like these petunias . . . time and patience will bring revival.


Until then . . . I’m hanging on.


2 thoughts on “revival

  1. I’m not a great lover of pink but your petunias look great. Caffeine withdrawal is a killer but it sounds preferable to all those pills, good luck.

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    1. Thanks Penny. It’s been difficult, but I know it will be worth it in the end.
      The petunias have come back beautifully and will look better the rest of the summer instead of peaking in May and going downhill from there.

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