this week’s bouquet

Taking a detour from my usual green and white bouquets and going “every shade of pink” this week.


Maybe too many shades of pink . . . some of them are definitely clashing.


But some of them play very nicely together.


Some are really “in your face” loud.


Thank goodness the white daisies and snaps help tone it down and give the eye a place to rest.



In some ways, it looks like a bouquet having a “bad hair day”.


But regardless, whether clashing or complimenting each other, all in all . . . it’s a cheerful bunch.


And I hope they have brought some cheer to your day.






5 thoughts on “this week’s bouquet

    1. I’ve heard you’re having a heat wave. That is a way of life here in the summer and I live more in the northern states. The southern states are absolutely unbareable. And we’re getting tons of rain for some reason. Already over 10″ this month.

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      1. We have the heat but no rain, which I’m not complaining about. No doubt if it carries on we will be getting drought warnings, even though we have had plenty of rain the rest of the year!!

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