this week’s bouquet

This week’s bouquet is made from my oakleaf hydrangea bush.  Simple.  Just one plant.


I must admit, I was somewhat disappointed with this bouquet.  The flowers had already past their prime and were yellowing and starting to speckle in places.


I think the bouquet actually looks prettier in these photos that in real life sitting on my screened porch.


Some of the flowers are starting to get their “pink on”, which will continue as the flowers age.  In a few weeks time, the flowers still on the bush will be pink and green.




All in all, I think I like them better on the bush than in a bouquet.  This bush is probably at least 15 years old and sits at the end of my deck, where I can easily enjoy it.  It is stunning when it is white and when it turns to muted pink and green.




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