upstairs workroom

Well, I have finally finished turning the upstairs bedroom into my Etsy business workroom.  I know . . . I only showed you a couple months ago on Facebook what the table would look like and the chair . . . but, it is all finally done.  Here is the finished table.  It’s a standing table and it’s rather high, but then I’m rather tall.  And a very comfy chair for when I need to sit down.


A nice metal basket at the end holds all of my “go to” tools, and of course, the TV remotes.


Then there is the newly purchased arm chair for when I really want to get comfortable and just watch TV.  Or . . . most likely, Moby will make himself comfortable there while I work at the table.


I found this cute little cart on Wayfair, that I intend to use as an end table.  The shelves give me space for a lamp, a drink, and supplies on the bottom shelf.




And across the room is the TV and a cabinet for more storage.


The other side of the room has shelving for more storage.

And the part that delayed this whole process the most was changing out the light fixtures.  I know next to nothing about electrical things,  and my Dad and brother have scared the bejeebers out of me when it comes to my old home’s wiring.  My brother had wired in these electrical boxes some years ago, so I felt somewhat confident I could handle this challenge.  But still, this was one thing I kept putting off.  It wasn’t until I changed out the porch fixtures, that I got up the courage to tackle these.



My stash of vintage road maps.


And my stash of finished maps, listed online, and waiting for purchase.


Of course I still do all the wood cutting out in the garage, but this is the finished room where the detailed work is done.  It’s hotter upstairs in the summer, but in the winter, it is a very cozy room where I know I’ll be spending lots of time.

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8 thoughts on “upstairs workroom

  1. Thank you Penny. This will be where I spend most of my time when I retire from my full time job in a couple years. So, I decided to splurge and make it a room that inspires me and I love to be in.

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  2. Thank you Ali! It is a very calming room, especially in winter, when I just want to curl up there with a blanket and watch TV. But that doesn’t get any maps made and need to start stocking up for Christmas already.


  3. WOW!!! That room looks so different from when my Indy friends and I came for a visit for your open house years ago. Looks amazing – what a smart use of the space. Well done, Cindy.

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