the park of roses

My sister and I took a trip down High Street to Clintonville, to visit The Park of Roses today.  The roses in my garden did so poorly this year, I was hoping to be wowed  at the park . . . but, not so much.  I think it was probably a combination of the extremely hot spring we’ve had and maybe too much rain, but they had pretty much all gone over and looking rather anemic.

Anyways, I took lots of pictures, some of roses, some of trees, and some of perennials.  Don’t expect me to tell you their names because I didn’t write them down and my memory is not that good anymore.  But here they are, in no particular order all mixed together.

















A beautiful patch of thistles that I’d never seen before and we could not find the name of it.  I suppose there was a sign somewhere buried under the foliage, but this lady was prickly and I wasn’t going scrounge around in the undergrowth to find it.



Red Bee Balm.  Now for my unofficial name . . .  I have always thought of Bee Balm as the Phyllis Diller plant.  For some reason it reminds me of her hair.


And that’s a wrap.  Hope you enjoyed the few limited roses that were left blooming.  Unfortunately we saw no David Austin roses, which was a disappointment to both of us.  We’ll have to try again next year.



9 thoughts on “the park of roses

  1. These are beautiful pictures with lovely details! Sorry you didn’t find any roses which wowed you. I guess it just hasn’t been a good year for roses in those parts.


  2. What details? I don’t keep track of all the botanical names of flowers. That is much more than my pea brain can handle, especially at this age, and if I like it, that is all that matters to me. I went back and looked at photos of my roses some years back in my own yard and they were marvelous, but this year was a super disappointment. Like you, we had a very cold and late spring. When winter finally ended, it got beastly hot, like the middle of July. I know it doesn’t get that hot in England, but believe me, it was nasty hot, and the roses just couldn’t take it, or the peonies, or me for that matter. You are so lucky to live in a moderate climate with sufficient rain. Here is it one extreme or another. It isn’t even 10am here and it is already too hot to be in the garden. Almost time to retreat inside for the day.


  3. A lovely collection there. It’s such a shame when roses go over quickly all of the blooms on my rose Falstaff disappeared on the day we caught the edge of Storm Hector.


    1. Thank you Penny. There were actually very few left still blooming. I wish we had gone a week or so earlier because there are thousands of roses there and it can be stunning.


  4. Your pictures of the flowers and plants are so beautiful! Your camera does a wonderful job of capturing them, Cindy. Several of my perennials didn’t come back this year. After having to have my well dug up, my peonies that had to be removed and replanted had small, unassuming blooms. ☹️ I have so missed them this year, and new bunnies have been snacking on my new Clematis blooms! Between the ongoing rain we’ve had, and the changes to life in my gardens, it has been an unusual year…….Spring and Summer fly by so I’m trying to enjoy and savor every moment. Thanks for sharing, Cindy!❤️

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    1. Thanks Dodi! Gardening is hard work, even with the best of conditions, but changes always make it more difficult. It’s been unusually hot and rainy here too. It’s been nice not to have to water everything, but all the rain certainly makes all the weeds grow and the grass. Seems like I’m always cutting grass. But, even with all the work, there is nothing like summertime. I find that photographing things and blogging about them, makes me slow down and notice all the abundance around me that I would otherwise pass by. Enjoy your weekend!

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      1. I’m just now getting the hang of this blogging stuff! Here I am, winter is hopefully coming to an end and warmer weather will certainly be a blessing! Even with the yard work, mowing, etc.! There’s nothing like enjoying God’s profound, yet simple, blessings! Much love sent your way!

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  5. Blogging can be a little tricky, especially when commenting. Some blogs won’t take comments if you don’t have an account or a blog. At least that’s what I’ve heard. I spend more time on Instagram than I do my blog, and nearly no time on Facebook anymore. It’s just so much easier to do IG. I’ve often thought of not blogging anymore, but it is a way to practice photography and chronicle my life (mostly for myself).
    I am so looking forward to warmer weather. We have another cold spell coming later this week, so I guess it will be awhile. It’s hard to complain because it has been a mild winter here. But it has seemed like March since Christmas time, and I keep thinking, any day now it will be spring. I have to keep reminding myself that we have a month or so to go.
    Take care Dodi, and thanks for coming over to visit.

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