getting organized

Since my daughter moved out 2 weeks ago, I’ve slowly been turning the upstairs into my Etsy business work area.  The upstairs consists of one large bedroom, and a decent sized landing with a window alcove.  I have designated the landing portion for storage of the cardboard I need for boxing up the state maps I sell.

Untitled design

I collect cardboard from just about anywhere I can find it, and it was cluttering up my garage, van, and the landing.  Since every map I make is a different size, it requires a sturdy handmade box for shipping.  Getting all the cardboard cut up, in one designated place, and organized by size was the goal for today.

The alcove holds the large pieces of cardboard, along with some seeds I’m trying to sprout in the window.


While I was at it, I decided to dress up the bare walls with a few finished state maps so the area has something more pleasing to look at than just stacks of cardboard and packing supplies.  Recognize these states?


All maps, and many more to chose from, are available on my Etsy shop, Custom Comforts.

Untitled design (1)


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